Well, here we are again with a little update on The Garden Gate Sampler by The Prairie Schooler (from book no.45 OOP).  I’m a little late making my Theme-a-licious check-in post as I have family visiting and they are taking up much of my time, not so much that I haven’t had time to obsessively stitch on The Garden Gate.  I think I sat down on Sunday with the intention of finishing the numbers and maybe the words, but once in the chair I had to finish the gazebo and add the flower motive to the right as well.  I had the last week of the Colbert Report and Daily Show to catch up on so I was in hogs heaven (my visitors were in a similar state playing with my nieces and nephews over in North Perth).  I think I am about a third of the way done on this piece now.  They look so small – but there is a lot of stitching!  To recap, this is on 40ct raw linen with the charted DMCs.

Garden Gate Sampler - Prairie Schooler

Garden Gate Sampler - The Prairie Schooler

With the visitors in tow, we went to see Tintin on Saturday – I’m always a bit leery of films made from my childhood favourites (look what they did to Asterix) but this was a pretty faithful reproduction and we all enjoyed it very much. We saw the non 3d version – I think that was just what they were showing at the time though I have to admit I was relieved I didn’t have to slip the silly glasses over my own.

The lovely Dr K and I are busy preparing a travel plan to go to Iceland, Scotland and England (maybe Paris if I am lucky and go on my own) in March / April.  Joel is wanting to attend the EVE online fan fest 22-24 March in Iceland (it’s an online computer game event) so I am going along to see what there is to see.  The Sisters of Eve (wives/partners) are hosting a day tour on the 23rd where I’ll get to go horse-riding, caving and ride around on a quad bike (I admit these are not things I’d do if left to myself, but might be fun for one day – or should I just take my portable OTT light and stitch? –  the date is also my birthday)  We also thought it would be nice to see Edinburgh and Glasgow (I’ve never been that far north in the UK).  We pretty much have to go to England as most of my relatives are in Essex (Southend on Sea, Rochford and Romford) –  my little branch of the family emigrated to Australia in 1982 when I was 8 years old.  Joel does not want to go to Paris at all, so I’d have to make that little pilgrimage on my own – I have already been once, but would love to see it again and Sacre Coeur which I missed last time around.

Well friends I’m going to leave it here, till we next meet.