Hello friends,

Well, it’s very early on Australia Day and Dr K and I have very few plans other than to sit in our respective cubbies and do what we both like best. Him: programming or gaming (be it EVEonline, Uncharted, Skyrim). Me, watching DVDs (still have some Christmas gifts to watch) and hopefully finishing the Garden Gate Sampler. I’ll share my progress on that in a little bit, but first – the new moon has well and truly passed which means I am overdue sharing my Totally Useless Stitch-along (TUSAL) update, this is the fun stitch-along where bloggers share a photo of the Old Ragged Threads (ORTS) they’ve collected during the previous month.  I’ve been collecting them in this cute little storage caddy I bought at a department store kitchen department, not having any empty jars to hand.  I quite like the square shape (it also has a lid, which is being used as a coaster at the moment).

January 2012

You can see that all of the threads have come from The Garden Gate Sampler.  Sadly, not one stitch has gone into my beautiful blue band sampler.  This must be rectified next month – I am now 5 pages behind the action again. (I can catch up – I started work when page 10 was released, and I have no intention of letting this become a UFO).  I know why this has happened – I’m due to change blues again and this is always fraught with indecision and second guessing.  Once I commit to a blue I’ll stitch again happily.  I guess I should be happy that I am only working with one colour on this piece – imagine the pain of choosing from the full spectrum!

Racing towards the end - Garden Gate Sampler / The Prairie Schooler

And here’s a quick and frankly quite awful photo of where I left the Garden Gate Sampler after this weekend’s magnificent effort. I feel a happy dance coming on…

Till next time friends!