Hello all,
Since we last communed I entered my study and trashed it looking for the WIP of Sampler Mystery II by Chatelaine Designs**. My last photo of it before it went into the Long Term WIP pile was archived here.  Since it is time for a WIPocalypse check-in post I’ve taken some progress photos to share today.  As you can see, some progress has been made… though honestly, the blue squiggly inner border was already 3/4 complete when I restarted work.

Chatelaine: Sampler Mystery II (in all its unironed glory)

This is a photo of the whole thing. It’s actually pretty big and I found it difficult to get a nice picture. It may have been easier if I had got the iron out (sometimes I just can’t do it, sorry).

Chatelaine: Sampler Mystery II

The flowers that bloomed over the weekend.

And here is a detail shot of the flowers I planted in stitches over the weekend. The gold border is very boring to stitch and I haven’t got anything sufficiently mindless to watch whilst stitching it at the moment. But, wait! Mythbusters is on tonight and I can work on it whilst Joel is watching.  Confession: I’m not all that into it, but will happily stitch whilst it’s on.  Please don’t ask about the physics principles demonstrated tonight because I was probably concentrating on threading my needle at the crucial moment (always the way and those metallic threads can be buggers to thread properly).

We had a minor domestic disaster this weekend. This Christmas I bought a rather expensive but simply amazing smelling candle by Diptyque (it was a special edition Christmas candle scented like a pine tree).  This particular candle has been rather a household chore as well as a pleasure to smell because unfortunately I dropped it on our tiled floor just after Christmas – the clean up after this incident was rather traumatizing (I also got the wax on my favourite silk skirt) but we got through it (the skirt survived!!)

Loving this candle so much I actually ordered a second one for next year which I have packed away safely.  But what to do with the other, broken one? It was suggested by a family member who will not be outed on this blog that it would be ok to light it (but not display the poor shattered remains).  So, the other night, I was feeling the love and pulled the candle out and lit it before we retired to bed.  Just as I was drifting off to sleep I pulled myself out of the bed and went over to blow it out to be greeted by the sight below… arrrrgh.

A Minor Disaster Domesticus

And of course there was a puddle of wax on the carpet by the dresser.  I’ve scraped off all the wax from our dresser which thankfully did not leave any marks in the wood and did the same for the carpet. The bedroom has a lovely scent of pine about it at the moment!!  I still have to lift the wax out of the carpet with the iron and some paper towels but that will happen another day (hey, if I’m not ironing WIPs – I’m not ironing the carpet!!)

Well, another rather wordy update from me.  Sorry about that.  It does kind of help to share the domestic disasters (I get to see the funny side of them this way).

**The Theme-a-licious theme for February is Fangirl Febrary and I’m stitching my favourite designer (scientifically selected) Chatelaine.