Hello again, finishing up the travelogue and showing my current WIP today.

So after The Craft Sessions, I returned the hire car and traveled to Melbourne for a couple of days of sightseeing and (if I hadn’t emptied my purse completely) a little shopping.

Whilst I was there I saw the David Bowie Is exhibition at the ACMI (Monday) which was just fantastic.  At The Craft Sessions, someone told me I was too young to know his work 🙂 made my day!! – I’ve been feeling my age just lately.

Messy study picture

My study after “hurricane unpack” passed through.

Then on Tuesday I went to the National Gallery of Victoria and saw a wonderful exhibition of works from the Hermitage Museum.  Some gorgeous pieces there.  The audio tour was excellent.  I really feel I learnt a lot and want to read more about Catherine the Great (the focus of the exhibit).

Tuesday night I traveled home – the next day devastation met the eye in all rooms of the house – I had done the worst thing you can possibly do when returning home after a week away – opened the suitcase and just let it explode out all over the house.  Here’s the effect on my little study…

So Wednesday morning, I started to restore order – did the unpacking, washing and tidying.  You can see in the picture I had unpicked the disastrous finishing on the project bag and it was ready for putting back together when I was able.

I got out my sewing machine (inherited from my mum) and prepared to do the necessary work.  It was at this point that this poor project met with another check, Mum’s machine needed some repairs – the rubber that held the spool holders in place had rotted and the spool holders had fallen into the machine! As is my wont I had a little whinge on Facebook and Instagram but then after sulking took the machine in for repairs on Thursday.  The repair place was excellent – I haven’t got the machine back yet, but when I do, the spool holders will be functional again and they will replace the bobbin cover that was chipped and caught fabric every now and again (I’d become a bit phobic of sewing because of this) – I’d been assured in the past that the cover could not be replaced by another repair place but it turns out Mum’s machine can be made to be like new.  Huzzah!

Work in Progress - Playground shawl

Playground Shawl in progress

Whilst all this was going on, I had also managed to pick up a cold on the plane home.  This morning (Sunday) I have lost my voice and Dr K is delighted (and enjoying a quiet sleep in).

Here’s a snap of my current WIP  the Playground Shawl pattern by Justyna Lorkowska which is available as a free pattern on Justyna’s blog.  The yarn is the called for Caterpillar Green shawl stripes ball in Concrete and Tulips.  The yarn has been in my stash for a while and I hadn’t made and specific plans for it – then Justyna started sharing her progress on Instagram and I knew I had found my pattern for the yarn. I’m really liking how this is turning out – it’s so pretty and colourful.  This yarn is difficult to get (I honestly am surprised I lucked out when I did – I’ve not been able to snag more since – not that I’ve tried that hard, I don’t like to get up late at night).

new garden addition

Blue wren garden stake among the daisies

Finishing up, I also want to share this pic of the blue wren garden stake I picked up at Alowyn Gardens last week.  I’ve put it in among our daisies.  He’s so cute.  He also looked great among the red geraniums but has settled in the daisies for now.