The Plucky Knitter group on Ravelry is currently celebrating Plucktober.  I’m joining in because I have more Plucky yarn than anything else in my stash (she has fantastic colour sense and great marketing; I also seem to be able to stay awake for her updates).

My Plucktober knitting goals are fairly ambitious – I’ve been aiming to complete 3 projects.  So far I have managed one (and a half).

Image of Completed Cowl

River Deep, Mountain High Cowl

First up I started October by casting on the River Deep, Mountain High Cowl by Mollygirl yarn. I knit this with Plucky Snug (bulky weight) in a couple of days. It was a nice quick project.
Here’s a derpy selfie of me in the cowl.  I don’t ask Dr K to take finished photos of me with my knitting because he doesn’t really have the patience with my vanity.

image of me in the cowl

Me in the Cowl

Next up, I cast on some Adrift Mitts.

Image of Adrift mitt

Adrift Mitt detail

These are my first ever mitts – so I’m feeling pretty good about my progress (and the completed mitt is just gorgeous).  I’ve finished the right hand mitt and have cast on the second one.  Here’s an image of the progress so far on that one including a view of the overexcited trousers I was wearing yesterday and my backyard deck.

image of next mitt cast on

Cast on the next mitt straight away… (no second mitt syndrome here)

And here’s a triumphant photo of the first half finished!  It’s surprisingly difficult to take a photo of your own hand/arm.

image of completed mitt

Adrift Mitt – right hand side complete.

Lastly, I’m sharing a quick photo I took today in my knitting nest (I have to admit I was really enjoying looking down at my shoes past the knitting). This is the project I suspect I won’t manage to complete this month – Peak Color (another design by The Plucky Knitter). I’m knitting this one with a brown gradient set I bought last year sometime (I’m guessing this by the old logo on the skein labels) and using a skein of red (not that un-similar to the shoes) for the horizontal hole-y rows between the stitch patterns)

Image of my knitting project today

Knitting today in my study

I completed the “patchwork” pattern you can see in the image above today, added in another row of red holes and started in with the next lightest brown. This project seems to need full concentration – which I am finding more and more difficult to give at the end of long days. Well, there are still 12 days left in October – we’ll see if I achieve my lofty goals!