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Warning: spoiler image for the Stephen West MKAL ahead.

On Monday Morning I was notified that a parcel had arrived in my parcel locker in the city.  I excitedly trotted across the city during my lunch break, grabbed my parcel and returned to work.  When I opened the package I was aghast.  The Hedgehog Handfibers yarn i had ordered (Genie) was not at all what I had envisioned – there was too much peachy pink in my skein.  I don’t hate pink – I love fuchsia pink but this pink just isn’t my favourite – I’m not peachy keen 😉

As I had ordered it for the Stephen West Mystery KAL starting on Friday, I just had to make it work (In hindsight, I should have ordered a few skeins at the same time so I had a choice of main skein). I pulled some solid Plucky colours from my stash to go with it. Here’s my potential choices below…

Picture of Yarn choices

Yarn Choice for The Doodler

When the first clue was released on Friday morning, I started knitting with the Genie and the light blue on the left above.  But this had to be unraveled, the blue was just overwhelmed by the Genie – it’s a powerful, colourful yarn.

Saturday, I got up and used the darkest blue as the second colour and have had more success.  When I finished up Saturday night, I had 9 “wedges” completed and I was (honestly) still not in love.  I started my project page on Ravelry, naming the project: “Put the Genie back in the bottle and throw it in the deep blue sea” (might give you some idea of my lack of enthusiasm for the piece).

Image of knitting progress

Progress on Clue 1 of The Doodler

This morning, I got up and picked it up again.  I now have 5 wedges left to go before I complete the clue.  The Genie is starting to charm me at last.  It’s not love yet, but I don’t hate it anymore.

The pattern is fun to knit.  It’s simple and interesting.  I like that at the moment it looks a bit like a butterfly wing.  Not knowing where the pattern will go, right now I think it could be fun in some orange and yellow to look like a sunrise or sunset.

In other knitting, I have cast on my Candy Dish.  The provisional cast on took me an hour to get done — I don’t get along with my crochet hook.  I’m currently 3 lace pattern repeats away from finishing section one.  Progress photos will come soon.