I’m back with a progress report on my November projects… most of which are currently sulking in the “Naughty Corner”.

Warning: I discuss the Stephen West MKAL – “The Doodler” at the end of this post.

First up: My Reston Station Socks (pattern by Helena Callum.  Yarn: Dream in Color Everlasting Sock; Amethyst).  These are progressing well, I’ve just finished the gusset stitches and will probably do most of the foot on my journeys to and from work this week (predicting a finish next weekend!) This has a toe (ha!) in the naughty corner because I think my gauge has changed between the two socks.  Sock two seems looser.

image of sock progress

Reston Station Socks in progress

Next up, my Candy Dish Cowl (pattern by the Plucky knitter; yarn The Plucky Knitter Bello: Rye).  This one is on it’s way out of the naughty corner.  I picked it up this morning to work on and discovered about 10 rows back, I had dropped a stitch – Drat!!

After having a small mental breakdown, I pulled it back and it’s ready to go again.

image of cowl in process

Beginnings of a candy dish cowl…

Lastly, we come to the Stephen West MKAL – The Doodler.  I’ve got one wedge to go on this clue and I’ve only got 14g of yarn left (I’ll probably need at least 20g).  Still not completely sold on this yarn but I did see other knitters were running out of yarn and so placed an order for another skein earlier this week.  This one gets to stay in the naughty corner till the new yarn arrives (so I can alternate the skeins on the last wedge).  I’ve seen the next clue and I’m excited to work it when I finally get the chance…

image of mystery shawl

The Doodler, Clue one in progress.

Whilst I’m not sold on my yarn choice, I am really enjoying the knitting on this piece.

Yarn is Hedgehog Fibers Sock: Genie; and The Plucky Knitter primo fingering: Magnet and Steel.


Reading: Polish your Poise with Madam Chic/Jennifer Scott (turns out I have more poise than I thought; not much more, but more).

Wishing I was knitting: One of the socks from the Knitter’s Curiosity Cabinet series of books (I have them all out from the library at the moment and they are awesome!)

Feeling: hot and bothered. It was 39c here yesterday. Not ready for summer yet (as if I’m ever ready).