I like thinking about the year ahead and setting goals each year.  This of course, is just an exercise in futility for me but I still like to do it.


Ropedance by Melanie Berg (Marilynd) started in September 2015

So, keeping in mind that I will not manage to keep all of these here are my knitting goals for this year.

  1. Knit more from my stash:
    1. Keep a wishlist for yarn I like rather than just buying straight away.  I have a lot of impulse purchased yarn and whilst I’m not on a super strict budget, my study/craft room has finite space, no matter how many clever solutions I find for squishing in more.
    2. Purchase wisely using the wishlist.
  2. I’d like to aim for one pair of socks per month.  I believe this is achievable if I continue to carry socks as my commuter project.
  3. I’ve decided to knit hats as gifts for my family and friends who are knitworthy this year.  This means I need to do one per month (plus one more).
  4. I want to knit a shawl for my mother-in-law this year.  She has identified Zarzamora by Malabrigo as the colourway she’d like (a conversation in my craft room a year ago – fondling my 2 skeins of Rios with a gleam in her eye)  I don’t think I have enough Rios for a really large shawl which is what she would like.  My father-in-law has failing health and I’d like to offer the shawl as a comfort gift (added Zarzamora to my wishlist).
  5. Reduce my WIP load.  Time to stop knitting on things I’m not enjoying.  I’d like to finish:
    1. Verdea Cardigan
    2. Ropedance shawl
    3. Playground Shawl
    4. Plucktober Leftovers Cowl (These are all for me)

I’ve got proactive on goal 5 already!  I frogged my Doodler Shawl – I loved the finished shawls I saw, just didn’t love the yarn I was using for mine.  I also frogged my Viajante WIP and my finished Razzelle Shawl (not worn, not loved, not willing to gift to someone else…)  Here’s the pile of reclaimed yarn from my efforts yesterday.  This yarn has been soaked and is good as new again!


Reclaimed yarn