TL/DR: Another good month, goal wise! A pair of socks off the needles and another hat in the gift pile. I also made progress on a languishing WIP (and resisted casting on several other things). Silly antics at the end.


The obligatory silly selfie in a newly finished hat.

So, first up – my finished hat.  This is the Sisters Hat by The Plucky Knitter, yarn is three shades of Plucky Knitter Primo Fingering: Wrought Iron, Heirloom and Beanpole.  These were part of a gradient set so of course, work wonderfully together for this hat.  The finished hat got a lot of love and I have enough for another go around with this hat (maybe later this year, right now I crave the new!)


Another go trying to show how the colours work together. I really should talk Dr K into being my hat model.

The other notable finish this month was a pair of socks.  Plain vanilla again, these were made using Susan B Anderson’s How I make my socks (I really like this recipe!)


Finished Socks!

The yarn is Simply Socks Yarn Co. Poste Yarn in the Colourway Holiday in FL. This sock yarn is Corriedale wool and nylon and feels very “wooly”. It did soften a bit on washing and I think the finished socks are fabulous.  I am rather looking forward to them peaking out the top of my Dr Martens when the weather starts to cool down.  They are not exact matches for each other, but I am happy enough with these as they are.

And here’s the progress I’ve made on my Ropedance Shawl by Melanie Berg (Marilynd).  Two more repeats of the white “knots” and I get to change to a different “main colour” – getting a bit tired of the dark grey.  (I didn’t know that could happen! I love my greys!)  Yarn on this project is Woolfolk Tynd in the colours that Melanie used on the model.

As I finished my Holiday socks, I cast on some yarn I have been hording for a little while… some of the completely fabulous Lollipop Yarn in the colourway: “The Rainbow Connection” – I keep humming the song as I knit – hopefully that will wear off when they are my commuter socks (they haven’t been on the bus with me yet).  Here’s the start …


New socks on the needles – Lollipop Yarn: Gripes “Rainbow Connection”

I am just loving how this is knitting up.  The colours are gorgeous.  The yarn is a quite a bit softer than the Poste.  I honestly can’t gush enough about this project – it gives me so much joy!

Oh, and you might have noticed, I’m working this project on some dpns.  I had an incident with my favourite long circular hiya hiya needle for socks – I found bite marks on both of the needle ends. One of the cats has had a little chew on them!  That incorrigible pair!

Knitpicks had a sale and I managed to pick up the Knitters Curiosity Cabinet books by Hunter Hammersen (I just love her books and designs) for a really good price.  It’s been incredibly difficult not casting on one of the lovely sock designs – my current major crush is on the Chrysanthemum Frutescens Socks which is featured on the cover of book 1.  These would not be commuter socks – some concentration is required!  I have some Plucky yarn new to the stash that I think will be lovely for them (the recent scum club colour way in the feet base – no spoilers here).

In other news, my sister has been competing in the national open mike comedy competition for amateurs, Raw Comedy.  Lucy hadn’t done any comedy performance till the first heat. She has now won two WA heats and will be in the WA final on the 5th of March – I’m so proud of her for having a shot at this.  She is completely awesome and I love her.

And I fell over.  I blame my harem trousers.  They are just so easy to get caught up in .  I’m not sure if I can blame them this time, one moment I was trying to stand up from my armchair in my study, the next I was crashing down on to the floor, breaking my fall on a wicker basket full of yarn.  I don’t really know what happened.   I have a lovely bruise on my knee as a keepsake.  Just in case it wasn’t my trousers, I have removed the ottoman from my study, which I might have tripped over… now my study is full of the bags of yarn that were concealed within.


After the good ship Cathy capsized, the ottoman was removed and yarn ruled the study once more.

Ah well, the trousers are now on my “might be dangerous if worn” list.  Once upon a time that list was for the sexy clothes.  Now in my forties, it’s just for things that might kill me (funny, my platform sandals haven’t made it onto the list yet, probably ’cause I’m already afraid of them).

A trip to Ikea to add another bookcase to the cramped study is on my list – just to get the yarn off the floor.  It’s bagged but I can’t help but worry.

Wishing you a wonderful and creative month.