WIPocalypse Check-in #2 and a small domestic disaster.

6 02 2012

Hello all,
Since we last communed I entered my study and trashed it looking for the WIP of Sampler Mystery II by Chatelaine Designs**. My last photo of it before it went into the Long Term WIP pile was archived here.  Since it is time for a WIPocalypse check-in post I’ve taken some progress photos to share today.  As you can see, some progress has been made… though honestly, the blue squiggly inner border was already 3/4 complete when I restarted work.

Chatelaine: Sampler Mystery II (in all its unironed glory)

This is a photo of the whole thing. It’s actually pretty big and I found it difficult to get a nice picture. It may have been easier if I had got the iron out (sometimes I just can’t do it, sorry).

Chatelaine: Sampler Mystery II

The flowers that bloomed over the weekend.

And here is a detail shot of the flowers I planted in stitches over the weekend. The gold border is very boring to stitch and I haven’t got anything sufficiently mindless to watch whilst stitching it at the moment. But, wait! Mythbusters is on tonight and I can work on it whilst Joel is watching.  Confession: I’m not all that into it, but will happily stitch whilst it’s on.  Please don’t ask about the physics principles demonstrated tonight because I was probably concentrating on threading my needle at the crucial moment (always the way and those metallic threads can be buggers to thread properly).

We had a minor domestic disaster this weekend. This Christmas I bought a rather expensive but simply amazing smelling candle by Diptyque (it was a special edition Christmas candle scented like a pine tree).  This particular candle has been rather a household chore as well as a pleasure to smell because unfortunately I dropped it on our tiled floor just after Christmas – the clean up after this incident was rather traumatizing (I also got the wax on my favourite silk skirt) but we got through it (the skirt survived!!)

Loving this candle so much I actually ordered a second one for next year which I have packed away safely.  But what to do with the other, broken one? It was suggested by a family member who will not be outed on this blog that it would be ok to light it (but not display the poor shattered remains).  So, the other night, I was feeling the love and pulled the candle out and lit it before we retired to bed.  Just as I was drifting off to sleep I pulled myself out of the bed and went over to blow it out to be greeted by the sight below… arrrrgh.

A Minor Disaster Domesticus

And of course there was a puddle of wax on the carpet by the dresser.  I’ve scraped off all the wax from our dresser which thankfully did not leave any marks in the wood and did the same for the carpet. The bedroom has a lovely scent of pine about it at the moment!!  I still have to lift the wax out of the carpet with the iron and some paper towels but that will happen another day (hey, if I’m not ironing WIPs – I’m not ironing the carpet!!)

Well, another rather wordy update from me.  Sorry about that.  It does kind of help to share the domestic disasters (I get to see the funny side of them this way).

**The Theme-a-licious theme for February is Fangirl Febrary and I’m stitching my favourite designer (scientifically selected) Chatelaine.

Theme-a-licious check-in: Jardin January

16 01 2012

Well, here we are again with a little update on The Garden Gate Sampler by The Prairie Schooler (from book no.45 OOP).  I’m a little late making my Theme-a-licious check-in post as I have family visiting and they are taking up much of my time, not so much that I haven’t had time to obsessively stitch on The Garden Gate.  I think I sat down on Sunday with the intention of finishing the numbers and maybe the words, but once in the chair I had to finish the gazebo and add the flower motive to the right as well.  I had the last week of the Colbert Report and Daily Show to catch up on so I was in hogs heaven (my visitors were in a similar state playing with my nieces and nephews over in North Perth).  I think I am about a third of the way done on this piece now.  They look so small – but there is a lot of stitching!  To recap, this is on 40ct raw linen with the charted DMCs.

Garden Gate Sampler - Prairie Schooler

Garden Gate Sampler - The Prairie Schooler

With the visitors in tow, we went to see Tintin on Saturday – I’m always a bit leery of films made from my childhood favourites (look what they did to Asterix) but this was a pretty faithful reproduction and we all enjoyed it very much. We saw the non 3d version – I think that was just what they were showing at the time though I have to admit I was relieved I didn’t have to slip the silly glasses over my own.

The lovely Dr K and I are busy preparing a travel plan to go to Iceland, Scotland and England (maybe Paris if I am lucky and go on my own) in March / April.  Joel is wanting to attend the EVE online fan fest 22-24 March in Iceland (it’s an online computer game event) so I am going along to see what there is to see.  The Sisters of Eve (wives/partners) are hosting a day tour on the 23rd where I’ll get to go horse-riding, caving and ride around on a quad bike (I admit these are not things I’d do if left to myself, but might be fun for one day – or should I just take my portable OTT light and stitch? –  the date is also my birthday)  We also thought it would be nice to see Edinburgh and Glasgow (I’ve never been that far north in the UK).  We pretty much have to go to England as most of my relatives are in Essex (Southend on Sea, Rochford and Romford) –  my little branch of the family emigrated to Australia in 1982 when I was 8 years old.  Joel does not want to go to Paris at all, so I’d have to make that little pilgrimage on my own – I have already been once, but would love to see it again and Sacre Coeur which I missed last time around.

Well friends I’m going to leave it here, till we next meet.

The WIP inventory

1 01 2012

Well friends, I’ve just spent a lovely afternoon in my study/stitching room making an inventory of my Works in Progress (WIPs) to prepare for the 2012 WIPocalypse. It took me quite a while to get it done, I have been very clever hiding away my WIPs (out of sight, out of mind!) but I think I have finally managed to track them all down. So, without any further ado may I introduce my WIPs:

  1. Celtic Garden – Chatelaine Designs
  2. Enchanted Mermaid – Mirabilia
  3. And they Sinned – Exampler Dames
  4. Puffin Ornament – Jemini Designs (JCS ornament issue)
  5. Catherine’s armchair pinkeep – Indigo Rose
  6. Christmas Tree 2009 – Mirabilia
  7. Christmas Toybox – Cat’s Whiskers
  8. Hanging by a Thread – C.A. Wells
  9. Quaker Sampler – Stickideen von der Wiehenburg
  10. Flora McSampler Stitch Lesson Sampler – Lizzie Kate
  11. Living with Charm Double Flips – Lizzie Kate
  12. ABC Calligraphie Rose – Laurence Roque
  13. Quaker Garden – Blackbird Designs
  14. Countdown to Christmas – Blue Ribbon Designs
  15. Shores of Hawk Run Hollow – Carriage House Samplings
  16. Eiffel Quaker – Jardin Prive
  17. Snapperbets – Bent Creek
  18. Celtic Sampler Wallace – The Needle’s Praise
  19. Cowboy Dreams – Country Cottage Needleworks
  20. Over the Top: Spooky witch hat – Just Nan
  21. Peacock Garden: Mystery 2010 – Chatelaine Designs
  22. Persian Iris Garden – Chatelaine Designs
  23. Tuxedo Cat Eyes: Hawks – HAED
  24. Heart Treat Bag – Shepherd’s Bush
  25. Winter Snapperland – Bent Creek
  26. A*B*C – Prairie Schooler
  27. Chinese Garden Mandela – Chatelaine Designs
  28. Antique Tassel – Victoria Sampler
  29. Egyptian Mandala – Chatelaine Designs
  30. Sampler Mystery II – Chatelaine Designs
  31. Rose of Sharon – Mirabilia
  32. Dragon’s Treasure – Cherry Tree
  33. Celtic Heart – M Designs
  34. Millennium – Teresa Wenzler
  35. The Castle – Teresa Wenzler
  36. Band Sampler Coat of Arms – Stickideen von der Wiehenburg
  37. Holly and Ivy – Shepherd’s Bush
  38. Beatrix Potter’s Quaker Sampler – Needleprint

There are a few pieces on this list that I have no intention of picking up this year – they should be more correctly called UFOs – one day I may go back to them but I don’t believe 2012 will be the year that I do.

Here’s a few pictures from today’s work. My study was in a bit of a state when I started but it is all ship-shape now. If only I could get the cats out of my stitching chair I’d be a happy girl!

Tonight, I am planning on kitting up a couple of Prairie Schooler’s that I have been meaning to stitch for a few years. Tall Oaks from Book no 40. Band Samplers and Garden Gate Sampler from Book no 45. Garden Samplers. Not that I am anxious to drive my WIP total higher – I just want to stitch these to participate in Theme-alicious 2012 (This month is Jardin January). Also I love them both and will enjoy working them (so there!)

Let the stitching year commence! Wishing you all many many happy stitches in 2012.

Happy New Year!

1 01 2012

Happy New Year, Everyone! Wishing you all a fabulous 2012.

We spent our New Year’s Eve at my sister in law’s place which was just lovely, firstly playing with the kids and once they’d headed off to bed, chatting into the wee small hours with the adults. For the first time in many years we all made it to midnight and toasted the new year in with champagne (usually, Joel and I are on our own at this point, the lovely Jones’ having excused themselves to head off to bed). As we all toddled off to our beds at just after 1am, we got assurances that this will probably be the last year that they will manage to join us.  It was a very pleasant night – we sat out on the back patio, drinking assorted cocktails (the strawberry daiquiri was to die for, I also recommend Penny’s Black Russian) and enjoying their company. Breakfast today was a piece of Tiramisu meant for dessert last night, followed by lots of fresh bread with home-made butter (not the greatest start to a new diet year but delicious all the same!!) Here’s a pic we took last night with my phone just as we were all getting ready to retire for the night.

Me (left) and my wonderful sister in law, Penny.

Introducing Tripitaka

27 12 2011
Trip napping

Aww -- Tripitaka having a little nap

We adopted Tripitaka (Trip for short, also known as Tee and Tee-tarka – for someone so small she has a lot of nicknames!) during June earlier this year.  She was found by someone from my work, abandoned in a storm drain with her two sisters.  She was six weeks old she came home to live with us – her two sisters were also taken by people from work (a vet advised when it would be safe to split up the threesome).  Trip gets along quite well with our other cat, Felix.  Trip is full of energy and likes to play fight with Felix but he is very tolerant and just lets her get on with it till he’s had enough and will then walk away.

This is Joel playing his favourite online game with his feline associates assisting.

Here's Dr K (Joel) playing online with both cats assisting from his lap.

There’s a few more photos of Tripitaka in my flickr account here.


Felix, a true gentleman.

To finish today’s post, here’s a picture Felix looking extra dignified.  My hubby Joel told me to take a snap of him this morning when I was taking a few photos of Tripitaka as Felix is quite jealous of any attention she gets.

Merry Christmas!

25 12 2011

Merry Christmas! Yes, it’s already Christmas morning down under and I have received an iPad from Dr K. I am feeling rather spoiled this morning! I have a feeling that I may be more inclined to post often this next year…

What have I been working on?

  • Beatrix Potter’s quaker sampler – I have finished one whole motif this year – not the greatest achievement
  • Coat of Arms band sampler by SvdW
  • The Holly and Ivy by Shepherd’s Bush
  • Since we last met (in February – Shameful!!) I have finished just one piece, March by The Prairie Schooler.

    I’ve got no photos to share this morning – I need to get the old iron out and give my WIPS a press.

    In other news, the weight loss journey is still underway, currently I’ve lost just under 30 kilos (66 pounds – which sounds like a lot – it’s taken me since July last year to get this far – which feels like ages when you as impatient as me! Another 8 kilos till I am in my healthy weight range, it’s possible I might make it by the end of Summer). You know what the biggest struggle is now – remembering that I’m not huge any more and being prepared to try on smaller clothes! Yep, it’s all a mind battle these days. That’s not to say I haven’t got heaps of new clothes. :)

    Joel and I adopted a grey kitten this year, we have named her, Tripitaka (yes we loved Monkey). She has injected new life into this household and is very loving. Felix is very jealous but is a gentle soul and expresses his disapproval with significant glares.

    Wishing you all a terrific Christmas and all the blessings of the season. God bless.

    Three finishes and a WIP…

    23 01 2011

    Hello friends, well another weekend draws to an end here at the lovely Villa Maylandia.  I’m pretty excited because I seem to have recovered my stitching mojo, that elusive essence that fuels many stitching happy dances.


    Washday / Hinzeit

    First up, here is my finish of Hinzeit’s Washday  – I finished the stitching on Thursday night and added the charms at the Friday night stitch-in at my LNS, Colours Down Under.  The charms are really rather cute. I’d be hard pressed to pick a favourite they are all adorable.

    On Friday night at the stitch-in I started this Just Nan piece, Snow Deer – I finished this up yesterday morning after I had stopped by my Weight Watchers meeting (update, I have lost 18kg now).


    Snow Deer / Just Nan

    And here it is in the “Whimsy” frame that came with the kit…


    Snow Deer / Just Nan

    After I had finished that up, I grabbed a little Shepherds Bush Kit I had sitting around in my stash for a while…


    Sweet Pea / Shepherds Bush

    Such a sweet little stitch and very quick to finish up (a couple of hours tops!).

    Lastly I have a new WIP that I started last night and am simply powering away on:


    You Suit Me - Raise the Roof

    I am really enjoying stitching on this design – it appealed to me because Joel and I used to play a lot of cards before we got married, with his sister and her then boyfriend (now my brother-in-law).  It seems a nice way to bring back some rather nice memories for me. We never play now!! I should have this finished this week and will share the finish with you soon (unless the mojo evaporates – is it bad to even suggest it will?)

    Well, it’s ten minutes past my bedtime, so I had better wrap this up now.  Till we next meet, I wish you many happy stitches.


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