Coat of Arms Sampler SAL progress.

4 06 2012

Well, hello again!
It’s been a while since I checked in here. I haven’t really been motivated to do much posting of late. I’ve been a bit low. Why? you might ask, I don’t really know. I’ve been living my frankly fabulous life – still have that full time job that I actually like, went on a wonderful holiday with Dr K and I have actually been stitching too. I have noticed my motivation flagging in some areas of my life – time at the gym is at an all time low, I’ve been getting headaches and have been feeling a little run down.

Blue Band Sampler full

Coat of Arms Band Sampler / Stickideen von der Weihenburg

Anyway enough of the mopey talk, the purpose of this post is to share some progress pictures of my Band Sampler Coat of Arms by Stickideen von der Weihenburg.  I’m still a little behind the pace of the SAL (the last page released was page 44) I am about 4 pages behind.  I have five more bands to go! Two more pictorial and three “ribbon” bands.

Blue band sampler detail

Coat of Arms Band Sampler – detail of recent work.

Honestly, I love this sampler. Even the row that I don’t like as much as the others (the variegated row above the unicorns).  I think that mistake will probably end up working out as the row is pretty much in the centre and will sort of bring the theme of many blues together… (or look like a massive fail – if I really end up hating it I can still pull it out).

I think I am turning into a one-at-a-time stitcher… I don’t know what that means for my massive pile of works in progress.  We’ll have to see.

Garden Gate Sampler finished and a Theme-a-licious update

31 01 2012

Hello all, I said I would finish it on Australia Day and I managed it! Huzzah!

The Prairie Schooler Garden Gate Sampler

I’m very pleased with how it turned out.  :)

And, with that finish, I recommitted to working on my blue band sampler and have a little progress to show off…

Coat of Arms Band Sampler - Stickideen von der Wiehenburg

As you might be able to see I ran into a little problem stitching on the large light blue band pictured in the centre- I ran out of thread with 127 stitches to go! Can’t see it? – The last plant pot thingy is missing a flourish, lucky for me a lady on the HDF board offered me some thread from the same dyelot. Stitchers are the loveliest people!

I picked a nice variegated thread for the next band – which I have now started along with the band below it (just wanted to see how the colours read together).  I’m not completely in love the variegate right now but I’ve put it on probation and will see how it pans out.  I really like the darker colour below so that is staying.

Regarding the Theme-a-licious SAL – Jardin January was a big success for me – I began and finished The Garden Gate Sampler.  Next month is Fangirl February – this is according to Heather,  an opportunity to:

Send a Valentine to your favorite designer…or at least work on his or her designs for the month!

I took the list I posted in January of all my current WIPs and totaled up the count for each designer.  Chatelaine was no 1 in the list followed by Mirabilia, Stickideen von der Wiehenburg, Bent Creek, Theresa Wenzler and Lizzie Kate.  Isn’t it funny but my heart sank at the idea of spending too much time with my Chatelaine WIPs. However, I will do it!! I will pick up Sampler Mystery Two from where-ever I stashed it away – it may take some finding! In order to perhaps see a finish in February, I will also be picking up Flora McSample by Lizzie Kate this is a very small piece, that I just keep putting down because it is on 28ct fabric – which means I have to use two strands of thread (something to which I have become a bit adverse) – the same could be said of the Chatelaine, but it has the advantage of being mostly silks (ahhhh, silks) and on a slightly tighter 32 count fabric and it has peacocks!

Dr K has pointed out of course that totaling up my WIP designers was probably not the best way to identify my favourite designer as really, it is at best a indicator of the designers capable of inducing me to start but not finish a piece (a conclusion I was rapidly approaching on my own).  I should re-catalogue my charts and kits to get a better sense of who my real favourite is (not a chance – there’s more than a thousand at the last count and that is time I could be spending stitching!) OR I could count my finished pieces that I have stashed around the house – this is actually more do-able as most are in a basket un-framed (I have a bit of a phobia of getting the framing choices wrong – this is utterly silly, I know). I might do this during February just for fun.

Well everyone, this has turned out to be rather a long post, sorry about that! When I fired up the wordpress editor I didn’t think I had that much to say!!  Wishing you all a very productive February.

PS: I actually have 3 Chatelaine finishes – Strawberry Shaker Box (and the fob, haven’t done the rest of the “toys”), Japanese Octagon Box and the Grape Threadkeeper – somehow I felt it was necessary to point out that out.

PPS: Dr K is in the kitchen cooking dinner and burbling on about metrics for measuring my exact favourite – one possible measure – the number of stitches completed to number of charts held (I’m afraid I’ve already forgotten his other suggestions).  I do love being married to a man of science.

Theme-a-licious check-in: Jardin January

16 01 2012

Well, here we are again with a little update on The Garden Gate Sampler by The Prairie Schooler (from book no.45 OOP).  I’m a little late making my Theme-a-licious check-in post as I have family visiting and they are taking up much of my time, not so much that I haven’t had time to obsessively stitch on The Garden Gate.  I think I sat down on Sunday with the intention of finishing the numbers and maybe the words, but once in the chair I had to finish the gazebo and add the flower motive to the right as well.  I had the last week of the Colbert Report and Daily Show to catch up on so I was in hogs heaven (my visitors were in a similar state playing with my nieces and nephews over in North Perth).  I think I am about a third of the way done on this piece now.  They look so small – but there is a lot of stitching!  To recap, this is on 40ct raw linen with the charted DMCs.

Garden Gate Sampler - Prairie Schooler

Garden Gate Sampler - The Prairie Schooler

With the visitors in tow, we went to see Tintin on Saturday – I’m always a bit leery of films made from my childhood favourites (look what they did to Asterix) but this was a pretty faithful reproduction and we all enjoyed it very much. We saw the non 3d version – I think that was just what they were showing at the time though I have to admit I was relieved I didn’t have to slip the silly glasses over my own.

The lovely Dr K and I are busy preparing a travel plan to go to Iceland, Scotland and England (maybe Paris if I am lucky and go on my own) in March / April.  Joel is wanting to attend the EVE online fan fest 22-24 March in Iceland (it’s an online computer game event) so I am going along to see what there is to see.  The Sisters of Eve (wives/partners) are hosting a day tour on the 23rd where I’ll get to go horse-riding, caving and ride around on a quad bike (I admit these are not things I’d do if left to myself, but might be fun for one day – or should I just take my portable OTT light and stitch? –  the date is also my birthday)  We also thought it would be nice to see Edinburgh and Glasgow (I’ve never been that far north in the UK).  We pretty much have to go to England as most of my relatives are in Essex (Southend on Sea, Rochford and Romford) –  my little branch of the family emigrated to Australia in 1982 when I was 8 years old.  Joel does not want to go to Paris at all, so I’d have to make that little pilgrimage on my own – I have already been once, but would love to see it again and Sacre Coeur which I missed last time around.

Well friends I’m going to leave it here, till we next meet.

WIPocalypse checkin no 1

9 01 2012

Hello friends,

Well the 2012 stitching year has started a little slowly for me (for example, that lovely blue sampler I’ve been working on has not progressed beyond one thread length since I last posted – I’m now 3 pages behind).

I do have a new start to share, which I mentioned in my previous post – The Prairie Schooler’s Garden Gate Sampler from their booklet Garden Samplers (long OOP sorry).  Here’s a picture of my progress so far…

Garden Gate Sampler / The Prairie Schooler

Garden Gate Sampler / The Prairie Schooler

It’s looking quite pleasing already – I think the colour scheme is quite Little House Needleworks-y (though of course it is probably the other way round given that the chart was published in 1994).  I’m stitching it with the charted DMC cottons on 40ct natural linen – this linen is quite “hairy” – there are strange little filaments of the linen not quite woven in all the way that are a bit like when you catch your clothes on a nail – not that nice to stitch on unfortunately, but I will persevere!  This is what I have managed to achieve on an hour or so each day.

This is all I have achieved for the WIPocalypse SAL, so far.  I’m also using this SAL as an opportunity to review my (frankly massive) stash, this month it was the WIPS (including those looong-term WIPs), next month I’m thinking I’ll catalogue the fully kitted pieces – those ready to stitch.

What else have I been doing?

  • Working – no holidays other than the prescribed public holidays for me this year.  Hardly anyone else was at work (and our cafe was closed argh!) It was very strange and I learned that I am not a happy worker when I am left on my own (my self talk is terrible – I convince myself that nothing I do at work is worthwhile – and yet I know deep down that I am actually very well thought of in my library).
  • Skyrim – Dr K gave me this game just before Christmas and I’ve been spending a lot of time playing it instead of stitching – naughty (I ended up giving Dr K his own version because it is rather awesome).
  • Preparing for invasion – My Dad and his partner, Karen are arriving in the wee hours tomorrow morning, so Dr K and I have been cleaning the heck out of our house – our kitten Tripitaka has taken it upon herself to re-muck it as quickly as possible (she lies in our mulched garden and brings in the straw attached to her fur).

It will be a quiet week for stitching, Skyrim and work this week as we’ll have Dad and his partner, Karen visiting till next Monday.  That means I’ll be going out and about more, taking a few days off from work to do so and not playing with the Xbox.

Wishing you all a great week!


The end of 2011 WIP catch up post

30 12 2011

Recently I got out the iron and prepared my active works in progress for a little photo-shoot.

Here’s a first photo of my stitching on Stickideen von der Wiehenburg’s Coat of Arms Band Sampler (this is the first 20 pages). Get the chart by joining the SAL here (there’s a fee of 12.5 Euros). I’m stitching mine on 40 count white linen with various Vikki Clayton blue silks (so far I have stitched through the Ethereal Blues and the Icicle Blues).

Coat of Arms Band Sampler

Coat of Arms Band Sampler - Stickideen von der Wiehenburg

I was incorrect when I said I’d only completed one motif on Beatrix Potter Quaker Sampler in my last post… I completed OD to LB and the little flower to the right of it. I’ve also started on the motif to the right. My BP is stitched on 40 count cream linen with Vikki Clayton Fish Pepper-ika silk.

Beatrix Potter's Quaker Sampler WIP

Beatrix Potter's Quaker Sampler

And here’s a pic of the whole thing so far.

Beatrix Potter's Quaker Sampler - Needleprint

Beatrix Potter's Quaker Sampler (the whole she-bang)

Lastly, here’s where I am up to with Shepherd Bush’s Holly and Ivy (now I am down to the over one section, I am not so engaged with it).

The Holly and the Ivy - Shepherds Bush

The Holly and the Ivy - Shepherds Bush

Three finishes and a WIP…

23 01 2011

Hello friends, well another weekend draws to an end here at the lovely Villa Maylandia.  I’m pretty excited because I seem to have recovered my stitching mojo, that elusive essence that fuels many stitching happy dances.


Washday / Hinzeit

First up, here is my finish of Hinzeit’s Washday  – I finished the stitching on Thursday night and added the charms at the Friday night stitch-in at my LNS, Colours Down Under.  The charms are really rather cute. I’d be hard pressed to pick a favourite they are all adorable.

On Friday night at the stitch-in I started this Just Nan piece, Snow Deer – I finished this up yesterday morning after I had stopped by my Weight Watchers meeting (update, I have lost 18kg now).


Snow Deer / Just Nan

And here it is in the “Whimsy” frame that came with the kit…


Snow Deer / Just Nan

After I had finished that up, I grabbed a little Shepherds Bush Kit I had sitting around in my stash for a while…


Sweet Pea / Shepherds Bush

Such a sweet little stitch and very quick to finish up (a couple of hours tops!).

Lastly I have a new WIP that I started last night and am simply powering away on:


You Suit Me - Raise the Roof

I am really enjoying stitching on this design – it appealed to me because Joel and I used to play a lot of cards before we got married, with his sister and her then boyfriend (now my brother-in-law).  It seems a nice way to bring back some rather nice memories for me. We never play now!! I should have this finished this week and will share the finish with you soon (unless the mojo evaporates – is it bad to even suggest it will?)

Well, it’s ten minutes past my bedtime, so I had better wrap this up now.  Till we next meet, I wish you many happy stitches.

Oh the irony

17 01 2011

Hi friends,

I missed my Sunday deadline to post this week because we had visitors on Sunday  – Joel’s Mum and Dad came to visit us, which was absolutely lovely!  We tried a new cafe that has opened up near to us (“Piccos” for the Perthies) and caught up on all their news (mainly about my niece and  nephew who are the centre of their universe – hey, they are their only grandchildren – it is only fair).

Knowing we would have guests Sunday meant that I went into housekeeping overdrive on Saturday and Sunday and so my stitching got set aside.  I did five loads of washing on Saturday and Sunday which prevented me from getting to grips with my new WIP (and now you see the significance of the title of my post).  The new WIP is Washday by Hinzeit, one of their mini block patterns (I got mine from the Silver Needle).  I had kind of hoped to finish it this weekend.  Here’s a photo of where I got up to.


Washday / Hinzeit

What else have we been up to… well, we are still in the grips of Lego fever…


The Greengrocer

Here is my new set: The Greengrocer, which I started on Saturday afternoon and finished after the in-laws left last night.  This is such a sweet little set, now sadly only available on Ebay.  Here it is with the other shop I built, The Grand Emporium:


The Greengrocer with The Grand Emporium

I am now trying to resist the Fire Station that is in the same style…(I know I will get it – whether I can hold out and it is given to me as a birthday gift in March is the issue!)

Joel is still building his Star Wars Lego (and yes, I know I said Slave one was mine, but it lives with his sets) here’s a couple of snaps of the Star wars stuff on our coffee table…


From the front: Slave I, General Greivous' Star Fighter, Clone troopers battle pack, Mandelorian battle pack (little blue guys) and the Battle of Naboo pack (that one's mine - love the little droids)



Clone troopers battle pack, Mandalorian battle pack and Battle for Naboo set again.

So, as you can see all is very jolly at our place, well, I am home sick today, back and neck pain, which could be a result of the cleaning festival and some sort of allergy thing that is driving me crazy – all up, not a good day to be at work – but thankfully nothing too debilitating – some rest will put me right again.

Wishing you all a happy week and many happy stitches till we next meet.


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